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A minimalist eco-friendly paper lampshade that produces a soothing atmosphere. Made to order using recyclable materials, this plastic-free product has a low ecological footprint and produces a calming ambience. The off-white colour of the outward-facing paper is flecked with grain, bringing a subtle texture to this geometric shade. Made in a mill that is 75% powered by regenerative energy, the outer paper is FSC-certified and chlorine-free. The paper sheets are woven together using needles made from 100% hemp paper.


The inner sheets of translucent paper soften the direct glare of the bulb, enhancing the warm quality of light that emanates from the shade. The block pattern unifies the base and shade, offering a contemporary style to your bedroom, living room, or study.

A novel approach to the cylindrical lampshade, Block Shade uses a hook and groove design to slot the paper and plywood base together and eliminate the need for glue or plastic. Clear step-by-step instructions will enable you to turn this DIY flat-pack design into a self-assembled product.


inner circle diameter: 3 cm
whole shade diameter: 24.5 cm
shade length: 29.5 cm


Included in this kit:
2 x patterned sheets of FSC-certified paper
2 x translucent sheets of paper
4 x 100% hemp paper needles
1 x plywood base
1 x instruction sheet for assembly, installation, and use


What kind of lightbulb and fixing?
Block Shade can be used with both Edison Screw and Bayonet Cap ceiling lights. We recommend using 6 to 9-watt LED light bulbs (bulbs and electrical fixings not included).
Fire safety 
The plywood base has been dipped in fire-retardant fluid. There is an 8cm gap between the paper cylinder and bulb (if a 6cm wide LED bulb is used).  


The patterned and translucent sheets of paper and paper needles can be recycled through home recycling bins, while the plywood base can be taken to your local Recycling Centre (this advice is for UK residents; please check for recycling options in alternative countries).

Block Shade

  • Paper lampshade, textured white, cylinder lampshade, eco-friendly, unique DIY flat-pack design -  for your bedroom, living room or study. 

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