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Product Design

Teleri is currently studying MA Craft at Manchester Art School where she has been awarded a bursary to explore the themes of Culture, Friendship, Exchange and Learning between China and the UK.

LEA_Fluid Shade_5.jpg
LEA_Fluid Shade_2.jpg

The movement of the paper strips that hang in fluid forms from the circular bases of Fluid Shade symbolises the flow of the Tao. The narrow strips of paper respond to changes in airflow while their white surface allows the light to radiate, producing an effect that is soothing and meditative. There is order in stillness, yet chaos resolves through movement. 

Fluid Shade


Dr Lee Kai Hung’s bursary has enabled Teleri to produce lighting designs inspired by the writing of the Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu. She learnt how following the Way of Taoism is a delicate balance of opposing forces, where a person detaches from, yet accepts, reality.

Ocean of Light


Ocean of Light uses Chinese motifs to explore how paper can be cut to communicate the energy and life of the sea. By choosing to make and buy paper lampshades, we can reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way to the sea. 

LEA_Ocean of Light_8.jpg
LEA_Ocean of Light_6.jpg
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